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"Our Town" A Radio Spoof Parody Song
Lyrics by Steve Bryant


Wednesday June 26th 2002
The recent reappearance of Debra Luray and John DeBella (not to mention the endurance of Hy Lit and Jerry Blavat) on Philadelphia radio helped all of us realize that Philadelphia is "The City That Loves You Back…Forever." Or, "Philadelphia, Once in Radio, Always in Radio."  Feedback on Debra was tilted in her favor and strong enough to pique our interest ... maybe time to poke her with a stick.  It prompted the following from our resident bulk consumer of mind altering substances.
Note:  The following is a joke, we don't dislike any of these people, it's all in fun.  The departure of long time talk host Irv Homer from PHT also contributed to the following only we don't mention him because of that restraining order but that expires in 2010.  Some PCs can play the midi file in the background if you click the link, when archived the sound will be embedded as normal, this is a test.

<BGSOUND src="../audio/midi/downtown.mid">

Our Town
(sung to the tune of Downtown)
Parody lyrics by Steve Bryant  

You're unemployed,
Depressed, alone and annoyed, 
You can always go, to
Our Town.

You worked in radio,
Made people afraid,
You'll still have a show, in
Our Town.

Listen to our airwaves
And pretty soon you'll have it.
We still give a paycheck
To Hy Lit and Jerry Blavat,
They'll never quit.

Their lights are much brighter so
They can read the commercials,
No wonder the has-beens go to…

Our town,
No sense to be leavin', it's…
Our town,
Work as long as you're breathin', it's,
Our town,
The city that won't let you die.

Just hang around,
Don't let your age get you down.
Do some oldies shows, in
Our town.

Maybe you know 
That will never close, in
Our town.

Most of the big stations
Are out by Villanova.
You'll become a fixture there
When your career is over.
You won't retire.

You'll be a most happy fella,
A star like Ruby Cheeks
Or John Debella, in…

Our town,
No sense to be leavin', it's…
Our town,
Work as long as you're breathin', it's,
Our town,
The city that won't let you die.

(Instrumental interlude, think about your on-air memorial service)

And you may find somebody old, 
Just drooling on their shirt.
In Philadelphia, so I'm told,
They work until they're dirt…
A job for life.

So maybe I'll see you there,
I might be working in radio,
But not on the air, 'cause in..

Our town,
They want more maturity.
Our town,
Hosts on Social Security,
Our town…
Everything old is now new.



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