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On the way to AC - A Radio Spoof Parody Song
Lyrics by Steve Bryant

You can stop by the Frank S. Farley Service Plaza on the way to the shore, Friday May 24th, between 3 and 7 to say hi to Michael Smerconish and Jeff Katz.  What a splendid idea!  It makes me want to sing, Sing, SING!!

<BGSOUND src="../audio/midi/capemay.mid">

On The Way to AC by .. yeah, 
Steve Bryant

We both drank so much soda; it was way more than our quota,
And we needed to find some place we could go.
We were headed for the shore; the radio was such a bore,
So we pulled in to a place we all know.

On the way to AC,
We stopped at Frank Farley.
On the way to AC,
We went there just to pee.

We were both most astonished, 
To see Michael Smerconish.
Standing right by Jeff Katz, 
Giving out baseball hats.

On the way to AC,
We couldn't go number one.
We were put on the air,
Until we had to run.

We just couldn't be madder, 
Had to empty our bladder.
On the way to AC,
We just stopped there to pee.

On the Way To AC,
Rollye James was asleep.
On the way to AC,
Imus was still a creep.

I heard Dom G. hates his schedule,
Glenn beck is really the devil.
Jeff called Mike his amigo,
Just wishes he'd check his ego.

On the way to AC,
The lineup changed again
On the way to AC,
Now Jeff's on at 3 AM.

Michael's making those big bucks,
Who gives a damn if his cume sucks.
On the way to AC,
We just stopped there to pee.
On the way to Cape May
Original Lyrics:

You looked so very pretty, when we met in Ocean City,
like someone, oh, so easy to adore.
I sang this little ditty, on our way to Ocean City,
heading south along New Jersey's shore.


On the way to Cape May,
I fell in love with you.
On the way to Cape May,
I saw my dreams come true.

I was taken by your smile,
as we drifted by Sea Isle.
My heart was really gone
when we reached Avalon.

On the way to Cape May,
Stone Harbor's skies were blue.
We were naming the day when Wildwood came in view.

If you're gonna be my spouse,
we'd better head for that Court House
On the way to Cape May,
On the way to Cape May.



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