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Interview with Gil Gross - July 10, 2001

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GIL GROSS has been a journalist for more than 30 years, most recently as host of the CBS Radio Network program, THE GIL GROSS SHOW, and as host of THE GIL GROSS SHOW IN Philadelphia on WWDB. On that program he had guests ranging from world leaders such as President Clinton and Margaret Thatcher to hard to get celebrities such as Brian Wilson and Marilyn Manson. He has also returned to ABC, where he anchored and wrote the coverage of the execution of Timothy McVeigh, anchored ABC News, and resumed filling in for Paul Harvey on 1600 radio stations around the world.

Gross became the youngest anchorman in ABC News history when at the age of 23 he anchored network newscasts from the ABC Chicago Bureau, while he was also the morning news anchor at WLS Radio. While at ABC he began gathering a string of awards for investigative reporting, especially on the plight of children. His documentary on runaway children in 1971 lay the groundwork of extensive legislation to no longer treat kids who runaway from abusive homes as juvenile delinquents. At WNBC, in New York, an investigative series led to changes in the way foster children were treated in several states. He has also won major journalism awards for reporting on International stories including the attempted assassination of the Pope.

As a reporter and talk show host, Gil has spoken to the leaders of the nation and the world as well as major figures in the arts ranging from Grace Slick and BB King to Leopold Stokowski, Jack Nicholson and Sidney Poitier. Gross has been an anchor and reporter for all 3 major networks covering politics, the arts, the Mideast, Northern Ireland and even both the North and South Poles. His broadcasts from Antarctica were the first live radio and TV broadcasts from the continent and included an on-line chat from McMurdo Station.

On TV, Gil has appeared on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, CNN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, AMERICA’S TALKING, THE WEEK IN REVIEW, and various CBS broadcasts including CBS THIS MORNING, THE CBS EVENING NEWS with DAN RATHER and UP TO THE MINUTE. For CBS NEWS he filed TV reports on the coverage of the OJ Simpson trial that stirred controversy. He was a regular panelist on METRO WEEK IN REVIEW on WNET in New York. He also co-created NEWSWEEK ON AIR, Newsweek’s weekly broadcast that has been airing since 1982.

He has had his own shows on WABC, WOR, WNBC, WWDB as well as CBS Radio as well as having been a news correspondent for WCBS, CBS, NBC, ABC and RKO.

As a newsman and humorist he has combined his talents as Paul Harvey’s chief substitute at ABC and the main sub for Charles Osgood at CBS. He has also anonymously written topical comedy material for DJs such as Don Imus and Ted Brown.

Gil has been a board member of COMMUNITY ACCESS, serving the mentally ill homeless in New York, and STATEN ISLAND SPECIAL ATHLETES, which sponsors sports leagues for handicapped children. He has also created charitable events for radio including one, which ended a shortage of blood donations in Chicago.

Off the air he has been a consultant for several Off-Broadway shows ranging in topic from war to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire to the life of Buddy Holly. In the world of classical music he has commissioned pieces from composers such as David Diamond [a song cycle on the poetry of AE] and Allyn Reilly [piano pieces for Mr. Gross to perform]. He can presently be seen in “The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack,” the film about Jack Elliott.

He is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World and has a nationally syndicated column called “Gross Point.” He is finishing a first novel, “The A Train,” and ready to begin a second with the working title “Lesser Bird of Paradise.” A collection of his columns is due out in 2002.

His personal collection of LPs and CDs and tapes has reached an unwieldy 20,000 covering every type of music and spoken word. His personal library is way out of hand and his family cordially invites you to borrow some things and conveniently forget to return them.

Gil Gross lives with his wife, actress-singer Rhoda Bodzin, and their son, Spencer Darrow Gross,

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