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Police commissioner John Timoney, Sid Mark and Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky

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Sid Mark and The History of The Sounds of Sinatra

Sid Mark launched The Sounds of Sinatra in Philadelphia 45 years ago. It began as a call from a listener, who suggested Sid spin one hour of Frank Sinatra. That tradition developed in to Friday with Frank, which airs on WPHT 1210 AM, every week from 7-10 PM. 

Some years later Sunday with Sinatra debuted. Sid's second Sinatra show airs from 8 am - 1 pm every week. Both Philadelphia programs have been ranked #1 in nearly every demographic! Interestingly enough, WPHT is a 50K watt, clear channel talk station and the only music on the station is Frank Sinatra as presented by Sid Mark. WPHT also airs 5 hours of the the national SOS show every Saturday from 8am-1pm. 

In 1979, Sid took The Sounds of Sinatra to the national level with affiliates in New York and Los Angeles. Soon the show spread across the country to where it is today, airing on more than 100 stations every week. This is the only radio program of its kind to have been personally authorized by Frank Sinatra. 

Sid and Frank developed a personal friendship in 1966. To celebrate the anniversary of the show, Sid was invited to see Frank in Las Vegas. After seeing Frank's show at The Sands, Sid met Frank and a friendship was formed which would last for decades 
source: Sid's website

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