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Press articles on Jeff Katz from the Internet.

DISCLAIMER:  Out of context some of the following may appear wildly inflammatory.  After taking the time to listen to his show and meet with him personally my opinion is that he's nothing like the bad press or negative blogs make him out to be.

Archive Page on Jeff Katz | WTC aftermath pictures from a Jeff Katz listener

Anti-immigrant Disc Jockey Fired - August 31st 1996
KTSE-AM in Sacramento, California has fired disc jockey Jeff Katz for urging listeners to use their cars to hit illegal immigrants trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico. During his morning talk show, Katz said drivers should be awarded sombrero bumper stickers that could be redeemed for a meal at Taco Bell. The National Hispanic Media Coalition, based in Los Angeles, took credit for the firing.

  • Jeff responded to this in an interview with Simon Perry in All Access ...

Sacramento was my biggest learning experience. I worked for a great GM in Dave Burke and a brilliant PD in Ken Kohl. I learned more from Ken than any PD I've ever known. I did middays up against Rush and beat him (although I've got to give lots of thanks to O.J. Simpson for his help in that regard) and eventually was moved to mornings. In morning drive I had a great support staff and was able to really start making a dent in the market. In California, illegal immigration was always a hot topic and one day while broadcasting from San Diego I started talking about these signs they have on the freeways there that show a family running across the road. Ever the smart ass, I repeated what a caller had said about that not being effective. Rather if you aimed at them, they would be more likely to stop. I also added some comments about using sombrero stickers on the side of the car like the pilots used to have in WWII. It was clearly satire and totally in was followed up with a discussion of how selfish my parents were for wanting to eat EVERY day. Good taste, bad taste, funny or not, it was used by the mayor of Sacramento to launch a campaign to get me off the air and it worked. It was a tremendous learning experience. I realized that there are lots of things more important than radio. I saw how friends turned their backs. I also took time to visit Mexico on a number of occasions. I learned a lot from that.

Jeff Katz - Take him or leave him - more background info, scroll down the page.  It's a recent interview from this past summer, informative, flattering and has 2 pictures

Catholic league for Religious and Civil Rights - 1998
full excperts
July 9
Boston, MA WRKO talk show hosts Darlene McCarthy and Jeff Katz responded to the Pope's call for Catholics to attend Sunday Mass more regularly by ridiculing the Pope and Catholicism. They declared that no man who "wears a dress and a funny hat" can tell them what to do. They called the Mass "mumbo jumbo"; argued that parents were wasting their children's time by taking them to church; and sarcastically suggested that brownies be used as Communion hosts, to make the Eucharist more appealing to children. A remark was passed about priests molesting children in the back room of the church.
July 15
Boston, MA Offended that a local pastor urged parishioners to write in protest of his and Darlene McCarthy's July 9 attacks on the Church, WRKO host Jeff Katz resumed his diatribe against the Pope's call for Catholics to attend Mass more faithfully. Attacking all organized religion as hypocrisy, Katz zeroed in on believers in Jesus. When one woman called to discuss her personal relationship with Jesus, Katz asked if she had met Jesus "in a freezer in New Jersey." He laughed appreciatively when one caller mocked the crucifixion by stating that when a bystander asked Jesus if he was dying for our sins, Jesus replied, "Not if you have a ladder and some pliers." Katz also charged that the pope's motivation in promoting Mass attendance was that he would be "out of a job" if people stopped going to church.

Talking it out on the radio - Daily News article on radio reaction after the attacks - relevant excerpt - 
     At WPHT, Jeff Katz, a former Philadelphia Housing Authority cop who hosts a talk show in Las Vegas, filled in from 3 to 5 p.m. He played what was described as an "exclusive interview" with Nasser Al Qedwa, Palestinian representative to the United Nations. In the show, which included coarse language, he fielded calls from Philadelphia residents about the attack.
    "A loaf of bread means more to them than a life," said a caller named Don, referring to the terrorists. Katz later expressed dismay about the president.
     "My fear is this President Bush is going to be like Poppy," Bush's father, Katz said. And what should happen to the Palestinian territory? "Need more parking for the FU center? The West Bank's looking good."

Shock jock aftershocks - a rather interesting article posted on a journalism school website.  It was first run in USA today in 1999 about hosts getting into trouble, getting fired and then moving to another market for more money and higher ratings.  It mentions Jeff Katz and Rollye James as well as including an errie quote from John Ziegler ... The threat of being fired "creates a tension that is palpable, that the audience appreciates."  ummm I can say for certain that when the audience has a favorite host they do NOT appreciate such tension.  Doing it on purpose plays them for fools.

Boston Radio ratings and updates, snips... a brief snippet, excerpted here... *WRKO-AM (680) morning man Jeff Katz ... Even the new issue of Boston magazine wishes Katz a quick heave-ho. But his 12-plus numbers jumped a full point to a 4.7 share this spring, and his show is now sixth in the market.

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