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Daniel Faulkner


Statement from Maureen Faulkner, wife of slain Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in response to judicial decisions to grant convicted murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal a new sentencing hearing.

At long last Mumia Abu-Jamal can no longer contest his conviction for the cowardly murder of my husband. Today's decision to grant Jamal a new sentencing hearing comes as a tremendous emotional blow to my family, those in Law Enforcement and I. However, we are heartened by the fact that Jamal's guilt has once again been reaffirmed. All of the lies and fabrications about his innocence, police corruption and judicial misconduct have been seen for the sham they are. 

That said I have to ask, how is it possible that someone who has willfully and violently taken the life of an innocent police officer can be permitted to keep his own life? In sparing Jamal's life, Judge William Yohn has imposed a life sentence on my family and I. For as long as we live we will be forced to endure the pain that comes from knowing that Danny's remorseless, hate-filled killer will be permitted to enjoy the pleasures that come from simply being alive - pleasures he stole from Danny nearly two decades ago. 

Twelve jurors unanimously determined that Jamal should pay for his crime with his life. Now, a lone judge overturning their thoughtful decision on a minute technicality has shaken our belief in the legal system to the core. 

My family, Danny and I have been victimized twice: First by Jamal and now by a judicial system that allows itself to be manipulated by murders and their attorneys. We have no doubt that people will see today's decision for what it is; a pathetic attempt to placate the far left and those who believe in mob rule. We pray that future appellate courts will have the courage not to allow themselves to be bullied and intimidated into subverting our system of justice. x

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