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Daniel Faulkner

On December 9th, 1981 Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner was slain in the line of duty while performing a traffic stop.  Here is some of the on site audio / video material as well as relevant off site links.


Daniel Faulkner .com - The official Daniel Faulkner website.  Trial transcripts, links and more.

Michael Smerconish Archive Page - additional pictures. - Pro Faulkner website - Pro Faulkner website

Story about 20 year plaque dedication - 12/10/01

Maureen Faulkner reaction to court ruling overturning Death Sentence - 12/18/01


Interview with a mumia supporter at Liberty Bell protest. - Five minute interview heavily edited to remove numerous expletives, a fine example of what it's like to talk with pro mumia people.

The Mumia Rap in Real Audio (59.5 seconds) Rants from the above interview, cut down and with a rap lick put to it.

Daniel Faulkner Memorial Highway Ceremony (Real Media Clip 1:51) - Video of the dedication ceremony on the north end of Roosevelt Blvd.  Not a lot of action, has comments, Smerconish talking then the unveiling of signage.  My first attempt at streaming video.

Smerconish and Homer on Channel 6 with Mark Howard - discussion on the death penalty as related to this topic.  Mark Howard introduces topic, Smerconish comments then Homer enters the fray.


Wesley Cook AKA Mumia Abu Jamal was convicted of murder and is still on death row in Pennsylvania.
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